What I’m up to

So, characteristically, what I have NOT been up to is – updating this web site.  Partly this is due to my sporadic laptop access, but mostly it is due to my dislike of all things administration.  I would much rather be: poeting, growing things,  fixing things, writing things or walking the dog than be on a computer.   However I know you are dying to know what I have been up to, so

I won a jolly fabulous Slam  at the with London ‘Utter’ spoken word, which was particularly nice because a) there was a £100 prize and b) there was some great poets.

So far in 2015 I have been working on some new ideas and doing  some lovely gigs in London including the Hackney Attic with ‘Wotever’ and also ‘Incite’ Poetry at the Phoenix.

Hopefully some gig news will start arriving on this site before the gigs actually happen……..we shall see. Fortunately people seem to find out and turn up- Hurrah for people better at events promotion that me.

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